Car accidents are highly expensive. You know that your car accident has cost you lost time at work, doctors bills, transportation costs, and raises in auto insurance rates. Needless to say those are costs that you shouldn’t need to bear, especially if the car accident wasn’t your fault. You definitely know that you’re going to sue, but how much is your lawsuit worth? How much to expect from an auto accident settlement ? On our team, we have an auto accident lawyer Indianapolis loves

Accident Settlements

Although none of the auto insurance companies will ever admit that a common tool that insurance adjusters use to value an injury claim is to multiply the “special damages” by a certain factor. Special damages include the amount of financial losses a person experiences due to the accident. This is also called an accident settlement. The types of financial losses that you would have experienced would be:

  • Medical expenses
  • Missed time off work because of your injuries

Auto Accident Settlement

When calculating your auto insurance claim, insurance companies typically multiply the amount of medical bills by a number between one and five to calculate “pain and suffering.” The average car accident settlement falls is around $21,000. The average value of a more serious car accident is around $31,000. The more serious the injuries and damages involved, the higher the auto lawsuit worth.

How Much to Expect from Auto Settlement? It Depends

The severity of auto accidents varies greatly. Sometimes there are fender benders and some kinds of accidents are highly severe including a total loss and death. How much to expect from a car accident is going to average around $21,000 with a maximum around $31,000. If you were wondering how much to expect from an auto settlement and you haven’t contacted an attorney, contact the lawyers at at 317-912-0956 today.