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Why Do You Need an Indianapolis Truck Accident Attorney?

It’s unfortunate that sometimes you need an Indianapolis Truck accident attorney. Accidents that involve 18-wheelers or semi-trucks almost always result in seriously life changing effects. If you’ve been injured in a truck crash, your injuries are likely severe and you’re more than likely are concerned about your growing medical debts. That’s not to mention your property damage and emotional trauma. Personal Injury from truck accident negligence can be nearly impossible to overcome. That’s when it’s time to retain the law firm that understands your needs the most.

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A Truck Moving at a High Speed Can Be Dangerous

The sooner you decide to hire an Indianapolis truck accident personal injury lawyer, the sooner you can focus on your recovery after such a challenging and traumatic experience. Your lawyer will take over and work on your behalf to garner a full and fair settlement.

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A Few Statistics

There’s no denying that large commercial trucks can be dangerous and some accidents can be severe or fatal. In 2016 In 2016, 223,733 collisions occurred in Indiana, 768 of which were fatal. Interstate 465 (I-465), also known as the USS Indianapolis Memorial Highway, is the beltway circling Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. It is roughly rectangular in shape and has a perimeter of approximately 53 miles. There are a lot of trucks that are on the road.


There are times when you need a truck accident lawyer

The Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys provides a certification program that is highly specialized to deal with the major complexities of semi-truck accident. A regular membership in the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys (ATAA) is accessible to plaintiff law firms and paralegals. Membership is closed to attorneys and paralegals who do any defense work or whose law firm performs defense work.

Semi-trailer trucks, 18-wheelers, box trucks and other sorts of tractor-trailers are a number of the heaviest and most massive vehicles found on roads and highways. When these trucks are associated with different kinds of accidents, particularly those involving smaller vehicles, the result is generally severe in nature and can cost lives. If you or a friend or family was associated with a truck crash, you may want to contact an Indianapolis truck accident law firm.

truck accident personal injury lawyer

Semi-truck Accidents can be Complex. Get a Truck Accident Attorney.

There is without a doubt that an 18 wheeler/ semi-truck accident claims are difficult to overcome in court because a number of trucking agencies boast powerful legal departments. Especially if something like a wrongful death is involved. Their attorneys are very shrewd. It’s common for victims of truck wrecks to receive settlement offers that are far below what they are entitled to receiving. If you’ve had this happen to you, you’re usually finding it difficult to shell out for medical costs and offer your friend or loved one. These are times when hiring a lawyer can possibly do you and your family the absolute most good. 18 wheeler accident attorneys can help litigate these cases.

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The Complications of 18 Wheeler Accidents require an Indianapolis Truck Accident Attorney

Finding the resolution of an Indianapolis, Indiana car accident case, truck accident claims are much different than car accidents claims. It’s a fact that CDL holders in Indiana are required to carry larger insurance limits. That is a preventive measure that the government has in place for the citizens associated with a tractor trailer accident. Along with higher insurance limits, semi-truck drivers in Indiana are held to a higher standard. Possessing a trucking CDL is a large responsibility, and because of that, truck drivers are also required to meet higher safety standards than other drivers. When a CDL holder violates the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation Act in any capacity, that individual or group is often held liable for an accident.

 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation Act

In most cases, on the highways, the driver of a truck that causes a crash is likely wrong for the incident, but there are other parties that can possibly be sued at the same time. In general a commercial truck accident attorney will have the capacity to investigate every aspect of your case to determine who is liable for your damages and possible or even likely personal injury. That should only be done by a qualified lawyer.

Why Hire an Attorney?

Sometimes your Indianapolis Truck Accident Attorney Can Help Sue:

  • The operatorsIndianapolis Semi Truck Accident Attorneys
  • The owner of the tractor-trailer
  • The company identified on the semi-truck
  • The loader of the truck
  • The manufacturer of the vehicle

    Indiana Trucking Accident Statistics

In 2016 In 2016, 223,733 collisions occurred in Indiana, 768 of which were fatal. The mean number of collisions per county was 2,432. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration there was 116,000 truck accidents involving semi-trucks that resulted in either a personal injury or fatalities. All of that happened in the close to 300 million miles that the semi truck trailers drove in that very same year.

Commercial 18 wheeler semi-trucks can be outfitted with a number of safety mechanisms to prevent accidents or an accident that result in a fatality. Unfortunately, most commercial trucks are not outfitted with the latest technological advances. U.S. trucking regulations do not require them, so most agencies prefer to prioritize profit instead. This is something that can absolutely change. Incidentally, U.S. commercial trucks are not required to become outfitted with side guards that could stop an injury even death from occurring when a smaller passenger vehicle collides with the side carriage of a large truck. Regulations could force truck manufacturers to include these simple features that would help prevent almost 200 truck accident fatalities every year.

Common Causes of Indianapolis Truck AccidentsTrucking wreck stats

There are common, identifiable links between most of the commercial truck accidents that happen in the state of Indiana. Here are a couple of among the most common causes behind these wrecks:

Unsafe Driving/Loading Techniques – 18 wheelers often have tight deadlines. They may elect to drive faster than is legal, as an example, or try and enter an unfamiliar area to cut corners. This can lead to an accident. Similarly, if a cargo loader places excessive cargo in a semi truck or incorrectly loads the truck, that vehicle has a higher chance of rolling or toppling over.

Semi-truck Drivers Fatigue – Drivers are often encouraged to drive long hours without taking breaks to reach their destinations quicker. Most trucking corporations have guidelines in position dictating the length of time a driver may possibly be at the wheel before sleeping or relaxing, but a driver may decide to ignore these guidelines to finish a trip quicker or offset lost time. Many truck drivers aren’t monitored in any way once behind the wheel. Such a lack of oversight often results in drivers pushing deadlines, ultimately resulting in additional fatigue.

Unsafe Vehicles – Commercial trucks are expensive to manufacture and maintain. Therefore, it’s common for trucking corporations to cut corners as often as possible when it refers to adhering to federal safety standards as well as proper truck maintenance. Cutting corners regarding truck safety comes with a heavy price, however, and that price is the safety of our nation. Defects are also common.

When a devastating truck accident is caused by any of the above factors, the U.S. court can hold the negligent driver or trucking corporation liable for the injuries caused. Truck drivers need to be held accountable for their actions– as well as the corporations that prioritize profit over the lives of others. In a truck accident, there are the cargo loaders, mechanics, and others involved in the trucking industry to consider. Commercial trucking is complex in nature and you might find it difficult to identify the correct negligent parties to name in your truck accident personal injury claim.

What to do after an 18-Wheeler Accident in Indianapolis, Indiana

When you suffer the pain and shock of a severe truck accident and injury, it is natural to wonder what you should do next. We offer the following tips on what to do directly after such a crash:

When do you need an Indianapolis truck accident attorney?

Get information from the other drivers. For certain Indianapolis 18-wheeler personal injury causing accidents that involve multiple cars, get the names and contact information of all the other drivers and their insurance provider. If they were uninsured, ensure to write that information down as well. Most importantly, get contact and insurance information from the truck driver, as well as the company with whom he or she is employed.

Take photographs. If possible, snap a few pictures with your cell phone camera or go back to the scene and take photos of where the crash occurred and what damage it did to your vehicle. Generally speaking, this type of evidence provides a more well-rounded, objective view of semi-truck accidents than mere words.

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Semi-truck Accidents can be Complex. Get an Indianapolis Truck Accident Attorney.

Contact an Indianapolis, Indiana truck accident attorney. Do not forget this crucial step. Immediately after you are able, discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer to determine what compensation you may be eligible for, and the best ways to go about collecting it.

Immediately following an accident, insurance providers contact those involved to request a statement. The insurance provider is hoping to use your words against you to limit liability of the defendant and reduce compensation. It is important to limit what you say, stay on simple facts, and have an attorney review any statements you may give.

Insurance companies may also ask questions about your activities before and after the accident, the medical treatment you received, injuries you sustained, and other damages incurred from the accident. Do not sign any forms authorizing access to your medical past record and records, and refer all questions to a skilled personal injury attorney experienced in working with auto accidents.

How Can an Indianapolis Truck Accident Attorney Help?

If you experience a serious personal injury in an Indianapolis truck accident, don’t start working with insurer as soon as possible. Instead, you have to hire a skilled team of lawyers who can investigate your situation and discover the best way to proceed. Don’t risk getting an unjustifiable settlement offer.

Semi-truck Drivers Have Higher Standards

Truck drivers are required to maintain driving logs and are only allowed to drive for a certain range of hours per day to prevent fatigue. Also, truck owners are supposed to keep records regarding the maintenance of their vehicles. It’s important to check records and investigate police reports to determine whether there is any compelling evidence that could prove fault and assist you in achieving a just settlement or verdict. You also should examine GPS data and black box and/or engine computers to understand how the crash occurred.

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