Have you ever been driving and have seen an 18 wheeler driving without a trailer? We would say that truck driver is bobtailing. So you never have to ask the question, “What is Bobtailing?”. Hopefully we’ve answered the question in the best way possible. But first let us show you what a bobtail truck looks like.

bobtail truck

A bobtail tractor trailer also called a bobtail rig or a bobtail semi-truck

The word bobtail has many different meanings. Most obvious a bobtail is a type of truck that you might see on the Indianapolis highways if you are driving.
If an 18 wheeler truck has either been dispatched or is in between dropping off loads by a we would say that truck is bobtailing. Bobtailing has some major dangers that may call for the need of an Indianapolis truck accident attorney or an 18 wheeler accident attorney.

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bobtail truck accident

There are various other things that have been called bobtails.

Though it may seem uncommon, the term bobtail applies to other items, ones that you would not expect as something called a bobtail. More commonly the term bobtail applies to a dog with a “docked” or “bobbed tail”. There are certain types of cats that are naturally bobtailed, meaning that they have a shortened tail, if a tail at all.  Here are pictures of the “bob tail” dog breed as well as a cat that is naturally botailed:

bobtail cat

A Lynx is a Bobtail Cat

A bobcat dog

So to recap what is bobtailing and is not bobtailing

We would say that a truck is bobtailing if a bobtail truck is driving without a load or a trailer. Not to be confused with deadheading. Deadheading is driving a bobtail with an empty trailer.

There are common truck accidents that occur as a result from a bobtail truck that is bobtailing at the time. If you have been in a truck or car accident as the result of a bobtailed tractor trailer, give our lawyers at Smart2Mediate a call we’ ll be there for you. Call us now at: 317-912-0956

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