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The right place to look if you are searching for an Indiana Expungement Lawyer. Once you have been convicted of criminal law offenses, you will likely be worried about how it will affect your life. Clearing your criminal record can help you move on with life. An Indiana Criminal Record Expunction is an effective way to erase past criminal offenses.

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What Is A Criminal Record Expungement? 

The consequences of being convicted of a crime can be life-changing. People who have been arrested or served a sentence for a crime may find that potential employers, housing agencies, schools, and insurance agencies view any criminal history as a major obstacle to entry. 

An even minor criminal conviction can have a lasting impact on your social and personal life. You should therefore hire an Indiana expungement lawyer. You may not be able to do the following if you have a criminal record:

  • Work for certain employers
  • Obtituting, a loan from the government
  • How to get funding for college or university
  • Finding favorable rates on insurance

An Expungement Attorney In Indiana That Knows The Second Chance Law Has A Huge Advantage 

Indiana expungement lawyer

The Indiana Second Chance Law is a legal process that allows for the expungement of criminal records. An expungement, a legal process that allows people to erase their criminal records, is a government opportunity. Criminal expungement effectively makes your convictions unavailable to most organizations. The government may still have access to your record in certain circumstances.

An expungement will make your record invisible to law enforcement officers, federal officials, and others involved in background screenings. Employers cannot use information about a job applicant’s sealed criminal history as a basis for discrimination under Indiana law. To have your criminal record erased, take advantage of Indiana’s Second Chance Law and hire an Indiana expungement lawyer.

The Expungement Lawyer Indiana Residents Trust

An Indiana expungement lawyer works with you to create and file a petition to the courts for your record to be sealed. A criminal pardon in Indiana gives you a second chance and a new chance to enjoy the same freedoms before an arrest or conviction. Get help from the best Indiana expungement attorney to start your new life.

The Benefits Of A Criminal Record Expungement in Indiana

It does not mean that your criminal record will be erased. It means that the record has been sealed and is no longer accessible to the general public. 

An Indiana expungement attorney can help you seal your record. Once your record is sealed, you can legally and safely claim it never occurred. The expungement of your record means that you no longer have to disclose any convictions on any type of job or application for a college or university or loan application.

The Indiana Second Chance Law makes criminal records expungement permanent. It could result in your criminal records being permanently sealed. This will allow you to start over with a new, more relaxed life. Contact our office immediately to discuss your criminal history and the Indiana expungement procedure.

Who is eligible for a record expunction in Indiana

However, not everyone is automatically eligible for expungement. In a variety of situations, expungement can be possible. These are some of the circumstances where expungement may be possible:

  • A person was not convicted but arrested when they were allegedly involved in a crime.
  • If a person is convicted and an appeal overturns the conviction
  • If a person is convicted of a large number of misdemeanors

As mentioned above, there are some situations where an individual cannot be expunged. The following are examples of situations in which a person cannot be eligible for an expungement of a criminal conviction:

  • If a person has been convicted for violent crimes involving the physical harm of another person
  • If a person has been convicted of sex crimes
  • If a person has been convicted for a crime of official misconduct

Talk to an Indiana expungement lawyer in Indianapolis to find out if your arrest, misdemeanor, or felony record is eligible for expungement under the Indiana Second Chance Law.

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